Presenting The Amazing And Sporty MCT Sequential One Replica Watch

Respecting order and sequence

Angus Davies provides an in-depth review of the Best quality fake MCT Sequential One replica watch – S100, a watch replica with an incredibly innovative hour and minutes display, harnessing much traditional craftsmanship synonymous with haute horlogerie.

MCT Sequential One - S100

I am obsessed with order and sequence. Indeed, I admit to being a sufferer of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). I am not ashamed of my condition nor am I embarrassed at freely disclosing this particular personality trait.

The lever arch files in my study are grouped by colour with the hue denoting the nature of the contents, blue, for example, is used for household bills, yellow for financial matters, etc. Sometimes, my wife will “challenge my behaviour” by procuring spotted files or items which are non-standard.

My OCD takes the form of repeatedly checking that my car is locked. I also have a need for order, sequence and exhibit a predilection for systems. If I am sat at a coffee table, coffee coasters will be strategically placed with aesthetic aplomb, ensuring the resultant geometric pattern appeals to my sensibilities.Breitling Swiss Replica

Some readers may being feeling sorry for me as they read this introduction. However, like many psychological conditions it confers benefits. My office is tidy, I can readily locate a book or a receipt. I feel comfortable with my fixation regarding systems and aesthetic arrangements.

My need for order and sequence includes a preoccupation with filing. Every aspect of my life is either placed in alphabetical or numerical order.

The incredulous may wonder where I am taking this narrative. Please be rest assured, all will be revealed.

MCT Sequential One - S100

François Candolfi (Chief Executive Officer) and Scott Rosen (Exclusive Agent North America/Canada/Caribbean)

MCT seem to know “how to push my buttons”. I don’t mean I became angry, but rather Skeleton fake MCT Sequential One watches “turned me on” in a horological sense.Recently at Baselworld 2014, I had the joy of spending time with staff from independent brand, Manufacture Contemporaine Du Temps, often shortened to MCT. I tried on various models from the company’s range of timepieces and freely admit, it was love at first sight.

Indeed, there is plethora of attributes which I find appealing.MCT are independent, innovative, stylish and example expert finishing which is evident within seconds of seeing its matchless movements.

MCT Sequential One - S100

MCT Sequential Two – S200 in 18-carat pink gold

The founder of MCT, and the creative mind responsible for the ingenious depiction of time, is Denis Giguet. Although Denis no longer works for the company, the current CEO of MCT, François Candolfi, was keen to convey the importance Giguet played in the creation of the MCT brand. A technical legacy which lives on today in the fine timepieces the brand creates.

MCT Sequential One - S100

Marc Calmonte (Chief Operating Officer), Denis Giguet (founder of MCT) and François Candolfi

Two models stood out as particularly interesting, the Sequential One – S100 and the stunning Sequential Two – S200. In both instances, the pink gold versions called to me and placing one on each wrist, I contemplated which was my favourite. I adored them both and found it difficult to decide between the two, electing to review both watches this year. However, owing to my need to respect sequence, I decided the Sequential One – S100 was the first to be appraised.

The dial

The dial of this particular watch replica is breathtaking and has a unique aesthetic unlike any other timepiece on the market.

MCT Sequential One - S100


Occupying the central area of the dial is a rotating minutes dial made from sapphire crystal. It is suspended above the hour display and resembles the letter “C”. The open aspect of the minute dial reveals the hour below by rotating above the relevant module. Adorning the surface of the minute dial, Arabic numerals and strokes, together with a single hand, convey the minutes.

The hours are presented on four modules, comprising of five prisms, with each prisms collaborating to impart the prevailing hour. The prisms have three planes, each carrying an element of a different numeral. When all five prisms are aligned they cleanly convey the hour in a highly legible format.

At first glance, the hour display may appear simple, such is the ease of interpretation granted. However, the five prisms are incredibly complex, necessitating much engineering know-how.

There is a wonderful fusion of cutting-edge design, engineering excellence and traditional watchmaking craft.The resultant mien of the dial is magnificent. Wherever you choose to focus, your eyes will be rewarded with magical details, refined to an elevated level.

MCT Sequential One - S100

The central hub on the dial, adorned with the brand’s nomenclature, has a circular grained finish, testament to the no-compromise execution by MCT.

MCT Sequential One - S100

A small seconds display is presented on the movement to the rear of the watch.

The case

The case, incorporating polished and satin-brushed surfaces, is constructed of 18-carat pink gold. There is also a white gold variant available, but I think the warmth of the pink gold model provides the most tempting ownership proposition. The MCT Sequential One – S100 measures 45.00 mm x 45.00 mm.

Interestingly the case height varies; near the bezel it is 6.00 mm, increasing to 15.5 mm at the centre of the dial.

MCT Sequential One - S100

Foolishly, in my excitement at handling the MCT Watches at Basel, I failed to remove the MCT Sequential One – S100 from my right arm when taking wrist shots. However, I did try the watch replica on my left arm later and can report it felt perfectly at home.

MCT Sequential One - S100



The crown does not protrude much from the case band. I suspect this is one of the reasons I found the watch replica incredibly comfortable. I must confess I did not try operating the crown to ascertain ease of use but, based on the other eminently impressive aspects of the design, I doubt there will be any cause for criticism.

The horns are short, open-worked and taper downwards. The high quality alligator leather strap embraced my wrist affectionately with pleasing comfort.

MCT Sequential One - S100

An exhibition case back ensures that the excellence within is available for discerning eyes to truly savour.

The movement

The MCT-S1 is a hand-wound movement containing 471 components. It has a frequency of 18,000 vph (2.5Hz) and contains 81 jewels.

MCT Sequential One - S100



The power reserve of 40 hours may, at first, seem disappointing for a high-end watch. However, a large amount of energy is required to create this entertaining fest of revolving prisms and turning minute dials. I would liken this to a high performance supercar. It may quaff large volumes of fuel, but the joy it provides justifies the thirst.

The bridges are adorned with circular Côtes de Genève motif. Each stripe is beautiful, with perfect definition evident on close examination. The bevels of the bridges are peerless, shining resplendently in ambient light.

MCT Sequential One - S100

Screw slots have polished sinks, illustrating once again the patience of the MCT personnel in creating this remarkable movement.

The screwed balance facilitates ease of poising by a skilled watchmaker. A Breguet overcoil on the hairspring, whilst proving more labour intensive to create, ensures optimum isochronism and justifies the aditional cost incurred by the watch replica company.


Closing remarks

I crave watches which excite me through accomplished design and thought-provoking engineering. The MCT Sequential One – S100, in this regard, most definitely sates my yearnings. Moreover, it employs the talents of several artisan’s adroit skill, resulting in a finish which is beyond reproach. Indeed, high-end, traditional Swiss craftsmanship has not been abandoned in favour of neoteric aesthetics, but rather exploited to sublime effect.

The MCT Sequential One – S100 superbly employs order and sequence, resonating with my psyche and OCD. I feel inspired to return to MCT at some point soon in order to review the Sequential Two – S200 and continue my enjoyable journey with this exciting brand.

Technical Specification

  • Model: MCT Sequential One – S100
  • Reference: SQ 45 S100 PG 01
  • Case: 18-carat pink gold; dimensions 45.00 mm x 45.00 mm; height 15.50 mm in the centre and 6.00 mm on the edges; water resistant to 3 bar (30 metres); sapphire crystal to front and caseback.
  • Functions: Hours; minutes; small seconds on movement visible via the exhibition caseback.
  • Movement: MCT-S1, hand-wound movement; frequency 18,000 vph (2.5 Hz); 81 jewels; power reserve 40 hours; 471 parts.
  • Strap: Black alligator leather strap supplied on a 18-carat pink gold deployant.

MCT has not cut corners with this thoroughly modern watch, every element of its composition is splendid. Moreover, despite the neoteric styling, the MCT watch replica upholds the high standards synonymous with haute horlogerie.