Best Quality Hublot Classic Fusion Vendome Blue Copy Watch For Men

Hublot Classic Fusion Vendome Blue replica watch

The column is also the inspiration behind the Swiss horologer’s special replica Hublot Classic Fusion “Vendome Collection” watch. In the heart of Paris rises a 280-meter high column cast in spiraling bronze veneer.

It towers over Place Vendome square, whose number 10 address has been a Hublot boutique for five years. A rendition of the Vendome Column makes one of the stems of the signature H of Hublot in the store’s logo. A slate of bas-reliefs, representing historic French victories, swirl around it under the gaze of a statue of Napoleon I, which sits on top of it. Erected by the emperor in 1810, this is the famed Vendome Column.

Hublot Classic Fusion “Vendome Collection” replica watch
Hublot Classic Fusion “Vendome Collection” replica watch

Unveiled on December 2, the new 45mm timepiece, powered by Caliber HUB1100, is a prime example of mens fake Hublot’s Classic Fusion line. It pairs the city’s past with the Manufacture’s innovative presence to chart a promising future.

Attesting to Hublot’s ingenious approach to watchmaking, the watch’s dial flaunts a genuine bronze finish. The titanium case – a tribute to the plates around the Vendome Column – rests on a strap of black rubber and retro-looking brown calfskin, a signature combination for the brand. To ward off the corrosion and oxidation of the bronze – a rather fragile alloy of copper and tin – a sapphire capsule encloses the dial.

The Swiss-made Hublot replica Classic Fusion “Vendome Collection” watch will spend the next three months on an exclusive display at Hublot Vendome replica boutique, steeped in jet black to mark the 10th anniversary of its All Black invisible-time display concept.